European Commission, DG Connect, Adviser on Green Digital Transformation

Ilias Iakovidis

Ilias Iakovidis works on EU wide measures and initiatives to improve the sustainability of ICT. He is currently focused on maximising the benefits of green digital transformation for environment, society and economy. Ilias has initiated the European Green Digital Coalition that will develop science-based methods to estimate the net impact of digital solutions on environment, and, develop guidelines for green digital transformation in sectors such as energy, transport, construction, agriculture and others. He is also working on digitalisation for enabling circular economy, in particular, on the digital product passport that will support sustainability of products (design, reparability, refurbishment, recycling) as well as new sustainable and circular business models. Before 2017, Ilias was leading the eHealth and ICT for ageing units and contributed to the EU Agenda in eHealth field for over 20 years. Areas he pioneered include digitally supported Integrated Care, development of "Virtual Physiological Human" (digital patient), Personal Health Wearable Systems and Electronic Health Records.