Senior Social Dialogue and Governance Specialist, ILO

Kostas Papadakis

Kostas Papadakis is a senior specialist in the Governance and Tripartism Department of the ILO, focusing on national and cross-border social dialogue and industrial relations, participatory governance and corporate social responsibility. During his career he was the head of the ILO Athens and Senior Officer Association of the ILO for Cyprus and Greece (2013-2016). Adviser to the Executive Director of the ILO Social Dialogue (2012-13), coordinator of research and policy development in the ILO Labor Relations Department (2008-2013) and researcher at the International Institute of Labor Studies (2000-2008). He holds a PhD in International Relations and Law from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva (2005) and has an extensive archive of publications as a writer and curator of books, articles in peer-reviewed journals, and high-profile institutional exhibitions.