CEO Fresh Line

Natali Vagioni

Natali Vagioni was born and raised in Athens and is her youngest daughter Mavras Vagioni-Stasinopoulou, Founder and President of Fresh Line. After studying Mathematics & Business at Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London, returned to Greece to contribute with zeal and dynamism to the success of Fresh Line. Seeking to gain a global image and be exposed to most organizational processes, started as a retail sales representative, and then took over positions of responsibility in most business units, for example Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations, Finance and HR. In 2009, being well equipped and having the necessary supplies to expand it vision of the family, took the position of CEO, a position which holds to date. In addition, Natalie is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Union Entrepreneurs (E.EN.E), member of the Board of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) and a member of the Hellenic Retail Business Association (SELPE). Natalie has been awarded twice as Best Woman Franchisor (2010 & 2017), while Fresh Line under her leadership has received many awards, such as the Most Innovative Product, Beauty Brand of the Year, Best Franchise Workplace and Silver Interior Award. With strong commitment to the expansion of the company and believing in its importance continuous development and team strength, led a restructuring strategy of the company, while its vision remains to initiate people into the beneficial properties of the natural way of life so that we can co-create a world beauty, wellness and balance.