Nikos Ypofantis

He was born one day in 1977 and since then when he saw that there is only YENED for TV and when he heard that the the only radio was the State Radio with the bells, set a goal to become a journalist ... As the years passed and the bells kept ringing, he realized that sound were not the sheep in the studio and that the journalist did not he is the one who grazes them, but the breeder !!! Great it dilemma ... The image of the journalist grazing the sheep collapsed inside him !!! Finally when he grew up a little even after he had been baptized of air in the local media of Piraeus, newspapers, radios, television at the age of 17, indirectly after the parallels his obligations, School of Journalism, Spanish and Military Navy, knocked on the door of SKAI 100.3 in 2000, asking if young journalists have any hope of saying so as they see them ... "You got to a good school, work hard" answered and so from then until today carries through report of what he sees. He grew up in Nice, Piraeus, no wonder Olympic! He speaks Spanish, English and wants to learn Turkish that his grandmother was talking about ... When he grows up he wants to be journalist-breeder cultivator of photovoltaics (Organic not with fertilizers) !!!