May 27 - 29, 2022 • Athens

Friday, May 27, 2022


​Attendance - Registration of delegates

10:00- 10:15

Welcome of the President, Mr. George Karanikas


​Fashion in the age of digital reproduction

​- ​Poka-Yio (Polydoros Karyofyllis), Associate Professor at the School of Fine Arts, Visual Arts

​- ​Angelos Bratis, Fashion Designer

​- ​Galatia Laskaraki, Director​, ​Marie Claire Magazine

- ​Leto Kattou, Artist

Moderator: Efi Falida, Journalist

10:45- 11:15

​Fireside Chat

Research and innovation in entrepreneurship

Christos Dimas, Deputy Minister of Research and Technology

Moderator: Nikos Ypofantis, Journalist


​Emerging retail strategies, e-commerce and innovation

- Michalis Dritsas, Office Manager of the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment responsible for Research - Technology - Innovation, Head of "Elevate Greece" Team

- Charalambos Chrysomallidis, Special Operational Scientist (EL) of the National Documentation Center (ECB)

- Katerina Fraidaki, President of GRECA

- Antonis Zairis, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the University of Neapolis in Cyprus & Vice President of SELPE

- Christos Kostoulas, CEO of Digital 4 U, (member of the EPSILON NET group)

- George Papadimitriou, Cofounder & CEO Keyvoto

Moderator: Dimitris Mallas, Journalist




Women at the top of business

- Violetta Lappa, CEO Mothercare

- Katerina Mantzorou, CHRO of PublicMediaMarkt

- Eleni Konstantinidou, Co-Founder- Callista Crafts

- Silia Sigalou, CEO & Co-Founder- Callista Crafts

- Natali Vagioni, CEO of Freshline

- Georgia Karountzou, Director, Corporate Affairs & Communications, JTI


- Domna Michailidou, Deputy Minister, Welfare and Social Solidarity

- Efi Ahtsioglou, Member of Parliament, former Minister

Moderator: Irini Nikolopoulou, Journalist


​Break - Light Lunch



​Fireside Chat

Department stores in the city center

- Selvane Mohandas du Ménil, Managing Director, International Association of Department Stores

- Demosthenes Boumis, CEO of Attica Department Stores

Moderator: Valia Aranitou, Director INEMY-ESEE, Associate Professor, University of Crete


​Smart cities and Trade

- Κostas Bakogiannis, Mayor of Athens

- George Patoulis, Attica Regional Governor

- Amalia Polydoropoulou, Professor at the University of the Aegean

- Ioannis Mertzanis, CEO, Space Hellas

- George Papanikolaou, Major of Glyfada

Moderator: George Kouros, Journalist




​Fireside Chat

Retail trade with a horizon of 2040

- Christel Delberghe, General Manager - EuroCommerce

- Jacques Creyssel, President, Federation of International Retail Associations

Moderator: Maria Nikoltsiou, Journalist


​Steve Gurney, Worldwide Head of Retail Industry Amazon Web Services (AWS)

17:30 18:00

- Alexis Tsipras, President of Syriza, 


Moderator: Maria Nikoltsiou, Journalist

18:00- 18:45

​Digital Technologies That Change Trade

​- ​Nandin Karali, Commercial Director, Corporate Accounts & SME, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Microsoft Ελλάδας

​- ​Joanna Constantinou, Senior Associate – Leadership Coach, Inwards & Professor of  Entrepreneurship and Technology in Tourism, Deree

​- ​Nikos Botinis, Chief Commercial Officer- CISCO

​- ​Sergios Chatzinikolas, Business Developer- MiracleMill

Moderator: George Kouros, Journalist



19:00- 19:30

​Fireside Chat

- Lucia Cusmano, Senior Economist and Deputy Head of Division Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Tourism, Center for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities, OECD

- Nikos Vettas, General Manager of IOBE and Professor of the Athens University of Economics and Business

Moderator: Thanasis Adamopoulos, Journalist





​Fireside Chat

- Giannis Vasilakos, Vice President & CEO of Dixons South East Europe- Kotsovolos

- Theofilos Vassiliadis, CEO & Founder,

Moderator: Maria Nikoltsiou, Journalist


Intervention of the President of ESEE Mr. George Karanikas


​Speech by a representative of the Prime Minister of the Greek Government, Minister of Development & Investment.

Mr. Adonis Georgiadis



Suturday, May 28, 2022



Attendance - Registration of delegates

10:00- 10:15

​Presentation of European Retail Exhibition 2040

Totti Könnölä, Managing Director Insight Foresight Institute (IFI)

10:15 - 10:30


10:30 - 10:45

​Fireside Chat

Vassilis Kikilias, Minister of Tourism


10:45- 11:15

​The print of tourism in the retail trade

- George Chatzimarkos, Regional Governor of the South Aegean

- Michalis Nikolakakis, Lecturer at the Department of Sociology

- Nikos Vasileiou, President of the Board of the INVIAN Institute

- Elias Kikilias, General Manager of INSETE

Moderator: Manolis Manioudis, Scientific Associate, INEMY-ESEE



11:30- 12:00

​The fashion industry after the pandemic

- Elis Kiss, Journalist, Fashion Features Director, Vogue Greece

- Dimitris Matemtzis, President & CEO, Intrafashion Group (Pink Woman)

- Agnes Anastasiou, Business Unit Director, NYX Professional Make Up, L’Oréal Hellas

- Meletis Karampinis, Consultant of the Manufacturers Association Ready-made Garments

Moderator: Giannis Pachoulakis, Head of ESEE Press Office


​Keynote Speech

Scot Case, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability, National Retail Federation, USA

Moderator: Milena Panagiotopoulou, Head of European and International Relations ESEE


​Trade and Sustainability

- Elias Iakovidis, European Commission, DG Connect, Adviser on Green Digital Transformation

- Charis Doukas, Associate Professor, National Technical University of Athens

- Tzagarakis Michalis, Marketing Manager at S / M Chalkiadakis

- Andriana Sarantopoulou, Marketing Director, Galaxy

- Konstantinos Loizou, CEO ​E​mbiodiagnostics

- Stavros Kafounis, Entrepreneur

Moderator: George Kouros, Journalist


Light Lunch

14:45 - 15:15

Giannis Stournaras, Governor of Bank of Greece


- George Kouros, Journalist

- Eleni Stergiou, Journalist

15:15 -15:45

Smart Transactions & New Trends in Payments

- Stavroula Kambouridou Managing Director at DIAS (Interbank Systems SA)

- Vassilis Koutentakis Executive Board Member, Senior General Manager, Chief Retail Banking - Piraeus Bank

- Alexandros Kelaiditis Co-founder, Flexfin

- Petros Koralis EPSILON NET Sales Manager

Moderator: Tasos Zachos, Fortune

15:45 - 16:00


16:00 - 16:45

Artificial intelligence in Retail

- Konstantinos Stroumbakis Founder & CEO, Apifon

- Vangelis Stamatoukos Advisor for Growth, Dataviva

- Valia Papadimitriou Co-founder & CEO, DEVA

- Denia Kanellopoulou Innovation Services specialist, NCSR Democritus

- Savvina Papadaki | Adviser, Digital & Consumer Policy, EuroCommerce


Moderator: Dimitris Mallas, Journalist


16:45 - 17:15

The challenge of distribution

- Nikos Varvadoukas VP Brand & Customer, Public Group

- Stefanos Katsimbas Business Director, Skroutz Last Mile

- Harris Takas Senior, Q-commerce & Logistics Director, efood


Moderator: Christos Kotsakas, Journalist

17:15 - 17:45


17:45 - 18:15

​Keynote Speech

Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey, Director, Future of Work, University of Oxford

Moderator: Dimitris Mylonakis, Vice Rector, Professor, Department of Economics, University of Crete

18:15 - 19:00

​The impact of technology on work and business

- Michalis Argyrou, Professor of Economics, University of Piraeus, Chief Financial Advisor to the Minister of Finance

- Costas Papadakis, Senior Social Dialogue and Governance Specialist, ILO

- Georgia Petraki, Professor at the Department of Social Policy, Panteion University

- Konstantinos Agrapidas, National Coordinator of the Hellenic Social Innovation Scheme, General Manager

- Dimitris Papadimitriou, Founder Startup Pathways


Maria Syregela State Secretary for Demographic and Family Policy Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs *

Moderator: Christos Goulas, Director, KANEP-GSEE


19:00 - 19:15


19:15 - 19:45

In Conversation 

Nikos Androulakis, President Pasok - Kinal


Moderator, Dimitris Kourloumperis, Journalist