FIRA Chairman & FCD Managing Director

Jacques Creyssel

Jacques Creyssel is FIRA's Chairman & FCD Managing Director. He graguated from « École Nationale d'Administration» of Paris. He worked for many years as Civil administrator. Responsible for the budgets for transport, civil aviation and meteorology in Budget Department, Ministry for Budget affairs. He was Deputy Head of the operations and financial information within the COB (French financial authority). Moreover, he was Head of the Department for Housing finance, environment, spatial planning, tourism and planning of the departmental budget, and then from 1991, Deputy Director in charge of wage policy and employment for the civil service and public enterprises. For 5 years was General Director for Economic Affairs, and then from 1996, General Director for Economic Affairs and strategic coordination of the French national business and employers organization (CNPF). The following 10 years was Managing Director and CEO of the Mouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF), and for 6 years was member of the French Economic and Social Council (CESE). From the February of 2011 up to now is Managing Director of the French retail federation (FCD).