Mayor of Athens

Kostas Bakoyiannis

Kostas Bakoyiannis is the former Mayor of Karpenisi and former Regional Governor of Central Greece. He is the son of journalist and politician Pavlos Bakoyannis and New Democracy MP Dora Bakoyannis. He is also the grandson of Konstantinos Mitsotakis, a former prime minister. He was born in Athens in 1978. His father Pavlos was murdered on November 17. Costas Bakoyannis studied History and International Relations at Brown University in the USA and completed his postgraduate studies in Public Administration and Political Science at the John F. Kennedy School of Harvard University. He holds a PhD from the University of Oxford in Political Science and International Relations. He speaks English and German. His articles are often published in the Greek and foreign press. He served in the Special Forces of the Greek Army as a Paratrooper. He has worked as an executive for International Organizations, such as the European Parliament in Brussels and the World Bank based in Kosovo, and has served as a Fellow at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the private sector he worked as a business consultant at Boston Consulting Group, but also as a manager and partner in a private company Investing Relations and Corporate Communication in Athens.